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Thera Lee

Founder/ Superwoman

Cool head, warm heart, Lee smirks when the jobs go well.

Christian Marco

Chief Photographer

Christian is probably one of the most photogenic photographers.


Candy Yeung

The Housekeeper

The team is in good hands with her detailed mind and unbeatable proofreading skills.


Alphina Wu

Founder/ Superwoman

Exaggerated facial expressions but Alphina is genuine 99% of the time.

Guitar Silhouette

Mr. Big Head

Chief Videographer 

Big Head is cool, when he films and being filmed.


Chessa Li

Big Boss

The 4-year-old boss is cool. Check out her IG: chessaisalwayshungry

Nicholas Becwith

Creative Director

Got away with stealing the founder's bagel cause he is too creative to be forgiven!


Sherry Yip

Multitasking Officer

With her glasses on, Sherry stays PRO even she is revising the final release (v51).


Angus Wu

Chief Cheerleading Officer

The new CCO is busy playing with his fingers. Stay tuned for his career updates.

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